DRS 1000 vape detector

DRS 1000 Vape Detector

The DRS 1000 Vape Detector provides complete protection against vaping within the confines of the workplace. With a built in detection and alert system, the DRS will notify you if someone is vaping via the TUYA app.

Vape Detection Real-Time monitoring providing immediate alerts when vaping is detected
Equipped with Smoke Detection Alert
Adjustable sensitivity & alarm thresholds to suit all environments
Mobile Smart App that allows the device to be managed remotely
Incorporates a laser scattering PM2.5 Sensor
Can be used in all locations where vaping is prohibited
Tamper-Proof & includes Power Fail Alarm

Comes equipped with a 5m lead
Rechargeable battery backup included

Easy Installation
2 Year Warranty

Original price was: £299.99.Current price is: £199.99. Excl VAT

Technical Information

Dimensions 90mm x 90mm x 26mm (without bracket)
Power Supply Mains powered 220/240V (plug supplied) DC5-12V + Backup Rechargeable Lithium Battery
Sensors PM2.5 Laser Scattering
PM2.5 Detection Range 0-999 μg/m³
PM2.5 Response Time 10s
Connectivity WiFi 2.4GHz
Working Temperature -10°C ~ +55°C
Working Humidity 95%RH (non condensing)
Installation Positions Wall or ceiling mounted
Warranty 2 years

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