DRS 500 Handheld Vape Detector

The DRS 500 Handheld Vape Detector – your portable solution for enforcing vaping policies wherever you go. Whether conducting routine inspections or responding to suspicious activity, this compact device puts the power of detection in the palm of your hand.

Mini PM2.5 Concentration Detector
Temperature Detection
Humidity Detection
Detection range 0 – 1000 ug/m³
Warm up time 35s
Data refresh frequency 2s
Working Voltage 3.7V
Charging way Type-c
Working humidity 0~95%RH
Detection temperature -10-50°C

2 Year Warranty

Original price was: £199.00.Current price is: £149.99. Excl VAT

Technical Information

Charging way Type-c
Sensors PM2.5 Laser Scattering
PM2.5 Detection Range 0 – 1000 ug/m³
Data refresh frequency 2s
Warm up time 35s
Working Temperature -10-50°C
Working Humidity 0~95%RH
Working Voltage 3.7V
Warranty 2 years

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